All outdoor activities in Paddle in Spain

Rafting consists in descending river rapids in an inflatable boat, always in group and with a guide inside the boat.

Kayaking is probably the sport that gives you a more direct contact with nature being aswell the friendliest with it.

Life under the water!

Simply following the wind

The new revolution coming from Hawaii

A recreational sport that can really get your adrenaline pumping!

Canyoning consist in descending a white water ride through gorges.

Kayaking is the king of river Sports.

Feeling the surfer of the river.

Quad biking experience is a real pleasure!

Feeling like a bird!

Do you need a ride?

One.. Two... Three.... JUMP!

An irresistible way to explore the most beautiful, breathtaking surroundings in Spain

Simply a sport to those who just want to cruise!

Between the heaven and the sea!

Enjoy sailing in a relaxed manner, without stress or obligations

Catamarans are the Formula 1 of the sea!

Where your feet takes you

Be simply skiing in water!

This sport is an enhancement of ordinary walking

A high speed adrenalin over the water

In winter the trek turns into an unforgettable experience

The thrill of adventure!

Snowmobiling for all ages!

Do you want to feel like an eskimo?

Sailing holidays in Spain

You have a mission! The ultimate adrenaline rush!!!!

Why are you going down, when you can climb up??

A two-wheeled motorized vehicle

The oldest human-carrying flight experience

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