Almería Coast - Cabo de Gata

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The province of Almería is located in the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. Its whole extension and has a great geographic diversity. 

The passing of time has also caused disparities in the landscape. As a result, in Almería, you can enjoy popular, modern tourist resorts and natural areas where mankind has barely left its mark. The climate is Mediterranean, warm and dry, with low rainfall.

Part of the Almería coastline you will find the well known Sierra of Cape Gata, market by cliffs, coves and beaches. This space, declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1997, includes the Cape Gata-Níjar Narutre Park, as well as some of its surroundings. All who visit are surprised by the apparently inhospitable area's rich ecosystems. Cape Gata is of volcanic origin, is one of the most stunning coastal sceneries in the Spanish Mediterranean. As for the sea bed, it is home to species like the large-scaled scorpion fish, the comber and the cardinal fish. As well as including the entire territory of the Nature Park and its surroundings, the Cape Gata-Níjar Biosphere Reserve was declared a Special Bird Protection Area (ZEPA) and is included in the Ramsar Agreement under the category of Wetlands of International Importance. 

And passing through the Park we will arrive to Mójacar, one of the most charming towns in Almería's share of the coast of Levante. Popular architecture, mainly white houses, fine beaches and the beautiful natural surroundings are its most inviting attractions. Mojácar, with its hill-top village and beach resort offers both history and romance and space for relaxations and recreation. 

What to do in Almería Coast - Cabo de Gata

Whole day paddling cliffs and snorkeling in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata - Níjar

kayaking through this Andalucia's most eastern capital

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