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Family coupon in Pyrenees: Rafting, Canyoning and kayaking

Special offer including 3 activities: White water Rafting & initiation to the canyonig activity + 2 hours of kayaking in the lake


The activity will be placed in Llavorsí (Pallars Sobirà) and will be consisting in one and a half day of exhilarating white water activities on the Noguera Pallaresa river.

For Rafting, there is up to 14km of navigable water with different grades along the way, and all can be suitable for all ages, depending on when are you coming or the ages of the kids.

The day starts at the PaddleinSpain Centre Group - located(2km before to arrive to Llavorsí).

You will receive your equipment, getting change in our facilities and the staff will transfer you to the beginning point to the descend. You will meet your instructor, the one will be acompaning you all the time in tour and give you a briefing on safety and Rafting techniques. Afterwards that will be the moment to brave the Noguera Pallaresa rapids, completing the route and finish the run.

The company transport service will pick you up there and bring you back to the facilities.

You will take a break for having lunch and in the afternoon ready again for the next activity - Canyoning this is going to be a good experience for being introduce on this type of activity through gorges that will involve you running down wet slabs of rock, jumps into pools and slides we make our way down the canyon. This canyon is an easy level that can be perfect for beginners or for families with children. 

For the canyoning activity you will need your own transport to arrive to the canyon area (only 20 minutes away from our facilities)

And the day after, a new experience will come to you, a relaxing journey for paddling during a couple of hours crossing the welknown lake of "La Torrassa". No previous experience is required for this activity, you can choose between a single, double or triple kayak or canoe to make your trip as much comfortable as possible.


  • Minimum age: 14 years in Spring time and 8 years in Summer time
  • Juniors must be accompanied of an adult
  • All participants must know how to swim
  • Before your booking, please inform to the centre if you are exceptionally tall or overweight, or if you have any medical conditions, disabilities which affect your ability to partake in the activity

Place: Pyrenees >> Sort - Noguera Pallaresa River

Duration: 5 hours aprox.



This offer is available from 15th March to mid Octobre

The meeting time for this offer will be:

  • at 9.30am (first activity)
  • at 3pm (second activity)
  • at 10am (third activity)

The order of the activities can vary based on the availability and the season. Also it can be available to do one activity every day if you required.

Your schedule will be confirmed under request.

Required people: 2 people

It's included:

  • All the equipment required for the activity (neoprene, socks, vest, helmet,...)
  • River and mountaineering guide
  • RC and accident insurance
  • Transfers (only in Rafting) from the ending point back to our facilities.
  • Digital photo service (optional, not included in price)

It's not included:

  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Your own transport to get to the facilities and tho the canyon area
  • Trainers or mountain boots that can be submerged in water, and another dry pair for after. 
  • Sun's lotion

Important know how to swim for this activity.

How to get there?

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