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Igloo Building in Spain

Do you want to feel like an eskimo?


The most important thing of this activity is to work together like a team. In our center you will learn the basics of how to build an igloo so that you can experience a day in the life of an Eskimo


This is really creative activity, with it you will learn how to work with the snow building out of blocks of compacted snow, in a form of a dome.


Enjoy working as a team, you will also learn the many kinds of shapes of igloos depending on the snow's characteristics.

This activity is perfect for any kinds of people, groups, incentives, families or singles.

Where to practise Igloo Building in Spain

Where to Igloo Building in Spain

Combi of Snow shoes + Building Igloos + Double Snowmobiling + Archery + cross country skiing and SnowTubbing

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