Introduction to Paddle Surfing in Cantabria

Discover how to SUP in Noja (Course + Tour)


The day starts at the PaddleinSpain Centre Group - this center is located in Noja. This course consist  in giving you the basics to be confident with the table and paddle and stand up easily with an instructor that will helps you to improve your riding style.

  • How to carry your board
  • Position, knees, feet straight and parallel, eyes pointed forward.
  • Focus on your paddling technique for efficiency and stablishing good paddling habits.
  • Holding the paddle (mastering the basics of teh paddle strokes will allow you to paddle more efficiently)
  • The forward stroke - once you are in the water and starting to get comfortable paddling around.
  • The power phase
  • The recovery phase
  • Turning strokes
  • Stance options

The day starts at the PaddleinSpain Centre Group - located in the beach of Helgueras, place where our center is located and where all the activities are taking place.

You will receive your equipment (board, ..etc), getting ready and let's start.

After your introduction (30 minutes course), you are ready to SUP for 1.30hrs more across the Beach of Trengandín.

Ready to Stand Up paddling!


  • Minimum age: 6years 
  • Juniors must be accompanied of an adult 
  • All participants must know how to swim
  • Before your booking, please inform to the centre if you are exceptionally tall or overweight, or if you have any medical conditions, disabilities which affect your ability to partake in the activity



Place: Cantabria >> Noja

Duration: 2hrs / 3kms



This activity is available the whole year (depending on weather conditions) Open from 10am to 8pm.

Let us know your preferences. Your schedule will be confirmed under request

Required people: 2pax

It's included:

  • All the equipment required for the activity (paddle, board...)
  • Entitled instructor 
  • insurances (RC and accidents)

It's not included:

  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Your own transport to get to our center in Altea
  • Cup and Sun's lotion
  • Spare clothes
  • Dive boots or shoes that can be wet
  • Lunch and drinks are not included on this activity.

Important know how to swim for this activity.

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