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A recreational sport that can really get your adrenaline pumping!


KiteSurfing began in the 80's, but did not gain popularity until the turn of the millennium. Before 2000 there were less than a thousand kite surfers worldwide. In 2005 that number had swelled to nearly 100,000 people.

Kitesurfing is like a combination of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing and paragliding all mixed up into one thrilling sport.The premise of kitesurfing is simple: by using a large, powerful kite for propulsion, and standing or sitting on some form of transportation, the kitesurfer is able to reach high speeds and perform amazing and exhilarating stunts. The most common form of kitesurfing is, as the name implies, done using a surfboard on a large body of water.

Where to kite surf? Combine wind, a large body of water and access to an instructor, and you've got the beginnings of a great kite-surfing location. In PaddleInSpain we can recommend several locations around the country, such as: Catalonia - Costa Brava, Valencia - Costa Blanca, in Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, some points in Southern Spain…etc.

What equipment do you need? Basic kite-surfing equipment includes: a kite board; a kite-surfing kite; a kite-control device (a two- or four-line control bar and a set of four-line handles); and accessories (safety-release system, harness, wet suit, life jacket, helmet, etc.).

Challenges, Learning how to maneuver a kite in extreme wind conditions (less than 5 knots or more than 30 knots) can be difficult, and it takes time and dedication to learn how to perform tasks such as kite surfing upwind or relaunching a kite from the water. 

Kite surfing hasn't been around too long, but its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. It also is a dangerous sport that requires a significant amount of skill and experience to master. Many beginning kite surfers are recommended to take lessons from a trained professional so they can learn about the potential hazards of skimming along the top of the ocean behind a kite, in PaddleInSpain we we propose many options to learn this sport or simply practice and have a wonderful time.

Where to practise Kitesurf in Spain

Where to Kitesurf in Spain

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