La Seu d'Urgell

A great Pyrenean landscape


La Seu d'Urgell, is located in the country of Alt Urgell, that occupies the high basin of the Segre river, from its source in La Cerdanya until reaching the land of La Noguera, where it flows out. 

The Segre, a fast flowing river, especially during the months of the spring thaw and in the autumn rainy season, is therefore, the backbone of the country, which runs north-east to south-east. The environment of the Alt Urgell country is not, however, restricted to this corridor, but is also made up of a series of well-defined side valleys, with their own characteristics and unique attractiveness.

In la Seu d'Urgell we will find the most outstanding sport installation, the Olympic Park of Segre, where enthusiasts can practice canoeing, kayaking, rafting and hydrospeed all year round. A unique sports facility with the flow of water controlled, a careful system for cleaning the equipment and highly qualified staff lets you enjoy the feeling of the water world with complete safety and comfort.

Adventure sports also take prominence in Organyà, where one can hangglide from the Cogulló mountain, and in Bassella, where there is a specially fitted out circuit for driving 4x4vehicles.

La Seu it is today and active city, a centre for services and the cultural capital of a large area of the Pyrenees.

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