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One of the most beautiful areas, wide beaches and in a spectacular setting.


Noja is kept crystal-clear and is surrounded by mountainous landscape, with the peaks of Quejo Brusco, MIravalles and Mijedo overlooking the beach. Its coastline extends a succession of beaches that with its active sports attracts the real rourist of this town. Alongside the nuns remarkable produce, seafood and traditional meats and stews are on the menu here - this is a town of homely food and good wine to be enjoyed together.

Beach of Tregandín with more than four miles of golden sand and crystal clear water with its varied underwater scenery make it particulary suitable for the practice of diving and snorkeling, Sup, kayaking and canoeing.. and other outdoor sports. And the beach of Ris, with his Blue Flag family-friendly with 2.5km also exist in the wetland area of a great ecological value justifying its inclusion in the Natural Reserve of Santoña and Isla San Pedruco.

The Capital of Cantabria, Santander - elegant and cozy city, with large south facing bay whose beauty has made it as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Main port of Castilian exports during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Great region, with lots to do. Check this out and have a pleasant stay in Cantabria.

What to do in Noja

Party and Adventure for 2 nights accommodation and 2 half day activities in Noja

Discover how to SUP in Noja (Course + Tour)

Discover how to SUP in Noja (3 hrs Tour)

Half day experience across the caves in Noja Cliffs

full day experience Sea kayaking and snorkel with picnic lunch included

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