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Sea kayak and Snorkeling in Cap de Creus

Explore the coastline from Portligat


The activity will be placed in our center in Cap de Creus (Portlligat)  it will be consisting in a half day tour paddling the coastline of:

Natural Park of CAP DE CREUS - 

The Creus cape peninsula is one of the largest, protected, natural reserves in Catalonia (formed in 1998 by the Law 4/1998, 12th March, for the protection of Creus cape), with a total area of 13,886 hectares, divided into 3,073 of coast and 10,813 of land, a fact which gives it the distinctive feature of being Catalonia's first foreshore natural reserve. With regards to the marine part, three areas of great underwater splendour are protected: Gros cape, Creus cape point (where the northern part of s'Encalladora island is protected in its entirety) and Norfeu cape.   The spectacular geological outcrops are one of most significant features of the Parc Natural, with its complicated and beautiful forms which often cause the visitor's imagination to get carried away. One sees images of real or mythical animals in the area (lions, dragons, camels, eagles, cats, rats...), despite the fact that it is the wind and the sea, and not the Gods, which have gone on shaping the geological landscape of the Creus cape right up to the present day with their incessant activity begun thousands of years ago.

And around this beautiful scenery we start a journey in our PaddleinSpain Centre Group -  in Portlligat, a very small fishing village reached from Roses by following the signs to Cadaques.

You will meet your instructor, receive your equipment, for this easy tour we will use a sea kayak, easy, faster on your way and perfect boat for this type of activities. We will be getting change and get ready to enjoying the environment. Your instructor will be accompanying you all the time in tour and give you a briefing on safety and paddleing techniques.


  • Minimum age: 12 years
  • Juniors must be accompanied of an adult
  • All participants must know how to swim
  • Before your booking, please inform to the centre if you are exceptionally tall or overweight, or if you have any medical conditions, disabilities which affect your ability to partake in the activity

Place: Costa Brava >> L'Escala

Duration: 3.30 hours (6,5 nautical miles)



This activity is available from May til October

Let us know your preferences. Your schedule will be confirmed under request

Required people: 8pax -

It's included:

  • All the equipment required for the activity ( life vest,kayak, paddle,..)
  • Entitled instructor
  • assisting pneumatic motorized boat
  • lantern (if it's necessary)
  • insurances
  • snorkel equipment

It's not included:

  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Your own transport to get to the facilities
  • Sun's lotion
  • Spare clothes
  • Dive boots or shoes that can be wet
  • Lunch or any beverage 
  • we recommend you to bring certain personal items, to make your tour more comfortable 

Important know how to swim for this activity.

How to get there?

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