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Tarragona – Catalan Ebro River

Crossing along the big Galatxo Island –  From Mora la Nova to Miravet

The activity will be placed in our center in Terres de l’Ebre (Tarragona) it will be consisting in a half day activity in one of the richest places in the lands of Ebre.

The day begins in Mora la Nova enjoying the colorful of the environment. It is an easy trip, recommended for all ages and no experience required.

You will meet your instructor, receive your equipment and be getting change, we will do some warm-up exercises, get an explanation of kayak paddling technique, briefing on safety and getting ready to enjoying the environment. Your instructor will be accompanying you all the time on board.

During the trip your instructor will introduce about the iberic settlers, a little bit of history of what happen during the Spanish Civil war, while you will enjoy the river nature and will do some bird watching.

After the first hour descending, we will land in Benissanet Island and resting a little bit, around the peach trees, we will have a drink or eat something.

The tour takes us kayaking and going on to river down until we are able to see the Miravet’s Castle (one of the most spectacular templar place for visiting)

The Highlights of this tour are:

  • Mora d’Ebre’s Bridge
  • The Galatxo Island
  • Rest of iberic sttlements
  • Benissanet village
  • Miravet owns the owns the only real “Boat Passage” in Ebro river still working with no energy
  • Tamarigar Island
  • Faster current in Ebro river


  • Minimum age: 5 years
  • Juniors must be accompanied of an adult
  • All participants must know how to swim
  • Before your booking, please inform to the centre if you are exceptionally tall or overweight, or if you have any medical conditions, disabilities which affect your ability to partake in the activity

This service is available the whole year. (but recommended from spring to autumn period)

This activity has 1 run per day . (meeting time usually is around 10am)

Let us know your preferences and it will be confirmed upon request.

PLACE Mora la Nova,  (Ebro river)
DURATION 2.30-3hrs
LEVEL Beginner
INCLUDED All the equipment required for the activity ( life vest,kayak, paddle,..)
Entitled instructor
insurance while you are in river
Your own travel insurance
Swimsuit or underwear, sandals or tie-on water shoes, towels, a backpack to carry your personal belongings.
Sun block, sun hat, sun glasses, insect repellent,
lunch is not included, feel free to bring with you extra water or some snack if need it
Your should come to your meeting  with your own transport
Important know how to swim for water sports
Touring kayak in Catalan Ebro river

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