Life under the water!

Diving is the action of man submerging into the sea, a lake, river or any other body of water, with the purpose of engaging in military or scientific research, commercial or recreational activities.

Discovering the diving world means entering an environment we are not naturally adapted to. Therefore, we should always respect the natural laws governing this environment.

This activity is considered one of the most integral sports,it improves respiration by increasing lung capacity and it exercises psychomotor abilities. It improves too, the individual's interaction with the aquatic environment, and thus the individual's level of relaxation and peacefulness.

In ours diving Centers in PaddleinSpain group, we can get the option of learning how to dive from the beginning, get the PADI course, and several specialist courses (Nitrox, Deep dive, Digital underwater photo...etc)

In order to dive, it is important to keep in mind how essential mental strength and control over the organism is to reach a satisfactory degree of relaxation.

• It is also important to periodically undergo a medical check-up, focusing specially on:
- heart,
- lungs,
- ears and
- respiratory system in general.

Two Dives experience and Atlantic Museum visit in Lanzarote

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