In winter the trek turns into an unforgettable experience

The Snow shoes activity is the act of going deeper into the magic of a mountain in winter is something much more exhilarating than just an adventure.

With a set of good snowshoes on your feet and the help of specialized instructors, there is nothing that will stand in your way.

The tour will lead us through snow covered trails and frozen lakes

We have an endless array of treks and tours to offer in our Winter PaddleinSpain Center group. You can join this activity in several locations all over Spain, (Andorra, Picos de Europa, Pyrenees…)

These tours can vary from one to two hours, and a half to a full day.

Simplicity is our motto, any person who can walk, can put on the snowshoes and enjoy the treks with them.

Come and try this experience!

Half day Snow shoes trip in Andorra

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