Confinement and be active CORONAVIRUS
Covid Eggs

The pandemic will be changing all our lifes and not just in the short-term. Many countries have been ordered #stayhome, so it means Stay Home, where will you be better and safe taking care of your relatives and yourself?

We totally know after being almost 3 weeks in quarantine, how important for people’s well-being… good mental health promotes good physical health.

Coronavirus Closed


In Spain, and in many countries in Europe region, fitness centres, kayak clubs, activities centers, ski resorts, beach center clubs, and so many places where people is normally active will remain temporarily closed. Is demonstrated that being sedentary behaviour and low levels of physical activity can have negative effects on the health.


There is so much apps and social platforms that have become our solution and emergency response network in the face of crisis, and  its increasing their users every hour, people love to join directs, posts and stories on @instagram and @facebook or connecting people by @zoom, @whatsappvideo, @facetime, or simply dancing and posting educational videos on @TikTok, or subcriving on @Youtube channel for cooking or Yoga trainers, meditation…etc game stay home

We know and accept this situation will give us a “before” and “after”  in our lifestyle and COVID-19 its right now present in our minds, so our community is trying every single day to give us more hope and reminding us that we were adventurers people that used to go outside to play, to kayak, to SUP, to feel the waves splashing in our face, to feel the brave of the white water rivers on a Raft or on a canoe, keeping our adrenaline on fire and  let us enjoy the mother nature, the one that now is keeping us isolate inside to our houses.

That’s for this reason (and for sure there is so many others too) that some of our local centers in Spain want to keep the flame of what we were, and keep the energy to think that one day we will return and love the way we can be still active from inside to outside…

And we really want to thank to all this great people optimist that invites to individuals to follow them on a challenge, giving some free content, clinics, activities on a calendar to join everyday a direct session, or invite to participate on a game, challenge from home to get discounts, or gifts, it is not amazing?? Its awesome!!

Here some amazing videos from some of our local partners: participating with @goproes from the Pyrenees with its video inviting you to join the contest and get a free white water Raf:


and our other local partner in Barcelona city  @Moloka’i Sup Center that invites us with its content about what to do if you miss to be in the water, joining videos on its facebook and streamlife on Youtube :

is that AWESOME???

keep being safe, healthy and wellbeing.