In Spring time when the river sounds
Spring time

And yes.. here we go!

When the river sounds the adventure begins.

We still are on this wild movement, lock down at home and keeping safe waiting for that day where we can become free again…. and free for what?? To again go out and keep destroying our planet? Mmmm better not, stay calm and realize that we do not want to do the same mistakes as before, we love our planet, we are totally conscious and want to protect the places we love, the native people we work with, and share passion and health with all fauna and flora of our territory.

And after saying that, its time to realize that our rivers with the warmer spring time temperatures are wilder now due the snowmelt and we can find the brave of Noguera Pallaresa river for example in Northern Catalonia without doubt the largest river in Pyrenees splashing all day long. However the difference between today and last spring season is that there is still no Rafting boats or kayakers crazy to descend and practice river sports.

Kayaking in Noguera Pallaresa river



Noguera Pallaresa river in the Pyrenees is an example being the most popular with a fantastic variety of fun-filled sports to choose from.
But this is not the only one, we do have some other locations with also rivers very fun too, some that maybe do not have snowmelt but do have timed water releases from hydroelectric facilities and allow us to start season from spring time and run til September and some places October.




We can have in Andalucia Genil River, where usually season begins mid-end of May, or Cabriel river in Valencia also super fun from April til October, Miño river Pontevedra (Galicia) that if weather conditions are favourable we can navigate all year long, and do not forget Sella river in Picos de Europa (Asturias) one of the most popular descend on canoeing Class I to have one journey unforgettable.

Canyoning in Andalucia

And what happens now?

We’ll see how we re-start again and feel freedom with no distance limits.

Meanwhile I would love to look out my window, how beautiful is the river flows, the sky more blue and clear than ever, the wind fresh and my passion ready to come back soon.