Valencia Terra i Mar

The Cabriel river divides Vancencian and Castillan regions for 50km., from the Contreras damm to its confluence with the Xúper river in Cofrentes. It is habitat of rich vegetation from the rive bank and protected bird species such as the golden eagle, the Bonnell's eagle and the eagle owl.

This valley is structured by black poplar corridors, willows and tamarind trees. A dense white pine forest with some kermess oaks and Valencian oak trees cover rocky walls surrounding the river.

From Villargordo del Cabriel, place where we are our center located, you can reach spectacular points of the Cuchillos and the Fonseca valley. The Cabriel river runs into a series of meander known as Las Hoces.

This beautiful and gorgeous location offers your several activities like WW Rafting, Aquatic canyons, Canoeing, ww kayaking...all for join the Nature and the enviorment of a Natural Park las Hoces del Cabriel.