Delight all your senses in the Region of Valencia!!

The Comunidad of Valencia, lies in the east of Spain, has a total area of 23,255km2 it borders Catalonia in the north, with Aragon and Castile_la Mancha in the west, with the region of Murcia in the south, and with a profoundly Mediterranean landscape in the east,with vast coastal plains alternating with striking mountainous areas, in addition to 632 km of coastline so visitors can enjoy the sea and the good climate all year round.

From north to south, the Region of Valencia comprises the provinces of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante. These are known and promoted in the tourist industry by their four larger designations: Costa Blanca, Benidorm, València Terra i Mar and Castellón Costa Azahar.

Are you looking for a destination where you can rest and relax surrounded by nature? Then you can be sure of the Region of Valencia, most famous for its wonderful beaches and fiestas, but which also offers stunning natural landscapes. The Region has more than 20 nature reserves, various internationally important wetland areas, more than 280 official walking trails covering some 4,000 kilometres, and a wealth of endemic flora that brings some seven million visitors to its mountains every year. This is the less well known side of the Region of Valencia.

This place sight to contemplate its landscapes, smell to take in the aroma of its flora. Hearing to delight in the song of its birds, touch to feel its warm sea and taste to enjoy its delicious gastronomy.

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