You have a mission! The ultimate adrenaline rush!!!!

Paintballing game is the most exciting activity where opponents attempt to tag th other team by shooting them with paint filled geltin capsules. This is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe and becoming increasingly more popular in Spain.

This activity is an excellent game for tema building, family fun, and group outings, it has many forms from birthday parties, hen and stag celebration, to big games of hundreds of players and even professional tournament leagues. There is many people who play paintball on a regular basis like any other sport or hobby, because its a game that combines teamwork, strategy and sill into a fun, exciting and action packed day.

Usually our centers provides you a fully equipped with a protective clothing and safety masks, players pit their wits against one another armed with the latest semi-automatic marker guns that fier blodegradable paintballs.

Get a group toguether and schedule a private game or join other groups around Spain and have so much fun.

Rafting and Paintball offer with BBQ in Valencia

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Hen and Stag Coupon in Andalusia: Rafting and Paintball Game

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