We will travel again
we will travel again

Thoughts and local protocols after the confinement of Covid19 pandemic

I just want to believe that our after can’t be the same as our before, however I want to have hope and be positive to think that yes… we will travel again! Or unless we want to travel again, we want to keep exploring, and feeling new experiences.

Concerned by the revival of tourism in our country, how it say the article of @theguardian where mention Spain and Germany rules to reopening its tourism sector, both setting to extend a travel warning for all leisure trips outside the country til mid June, casting further doubt on when would-be holidaymakers will be able to venture abroad again… more info about the article clicking here.

But how are directly our local centers re-opening, orgnizing and personalizing safety protocols??

Let’s take an overview  by locations:

Northern Spain:

  • Galicia, our two centers located in Pontevedra are already open, since end of May, however all the activities tours, are under request and can be affected to confirm only private, shortest tours and some others cancelled by the moment like White water Rafting in Galicia
  • Asturias, most of them on phase 2 , it means that can be operate with large groups, however all participants need to be from the same region… hopefully end of June we can have clients from all the territory.
    Their protocol is simple :
    obligatory using mask inside our vehicles
    50% capacity inside our center and respecting 2mts distance
    And of course disinfect several times a day all the equipment vehicles and after using to prevent any contagion
  • Cantabria, same phase as Asturias and similar protocols. However re-opening expected mid June.
  • Pyrenees, expecting re-opening beginning July, but there is not a fixed date waiting to arrive on phase 3 and welcoming directly all people from all territory and hopefully international too.
  • Catalonia, area of Girona and Costa Brava, in that location all sea kayak tours are right now operating with small groups. The area of Garrotxa with Balloon Flight experience are reopening mid June, and about Barcelona: we do have biking tours available right now, we do have SUP located in la Barceloneta where they are starting now too. Vilanova i la Geltrú , 40km southern Barcelona city – re-opening beginning of July.
    Tarragona – Ebro River , this location is already working since mid May, with its Canyon experiences, Touring kayak on the Ebro river…

Southern Spain:

Sea kayak NerjaAndalucia,  most of our activities in southern Spain are also organized on private and small groups. Our tours on a sea kayak for example are respecting distances and once on the open sea, and together with your partner, there is no risk can attact you, only the joy to be involved on mother nature.
Malaga, end of June is coming phase 3 in most of our locations in Spain, so it will be easy to travel around and book Rafting trip in Cuevas Bajas, or choose for one of our excited canyons.




Valencia location, already ready to operate, and opening mid June in Hoces de Cabriel, and Costa Blanca, Denia and  Altea ready and working with small groups, with a very strict protocols.

Balearics and Canary Islands coming soon by the open flight traffic beginning in  July.

So,  our conclusion: we see what we want and returning back to our normal lifes is right now our desires. Our quick advantage is our joy of working in a natural environment, and right now is what we most need.

Do not hesitate to contact us, before booking your experience all what you need to know we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Be welcoming back soon, and do not forget that… We will travel again!!!