Where I can do sea kayaking in Spain?

Kayaking is probably the sport that gives you a more direct contact with nature being as well the friendliest with it. You can enjoy this sport both inland and along the almost 8,000 kilometres of Spain’s coastline, finding beauty spots, spectacular cliffs, caves… corners only accessible by your kayak while you explore its unique and beautifully conserved landscapes.


It is important to know that a sea kayak is pretty different than a white water kayak. Sea kayak is much longer between 4-5 meters, in many cases more stable, thanks to its bulkheads, practically unsinkable, easy to use because you can cruise for hours in comfort.

Basics to practise this sport are the following:

  • Always be informed in advanced of the forecast
  • Knowledge of the vessel kayak and rescue and self-rescue techniques (eskimo- roll)
  • Consume energy-rich foods and drink during your trips